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Job Environment 3.5
Work/Life Balance 3.5
Management 4.0
Сareer Advancement 4.0
Benefits Package 4.0
Salary 3.5

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Category Motor Freight Transportation
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2 Employee Reviews

Mary #

2015-07-16 23:38:29

Always a lot of innovations and enjoyable innovations that make the job easier.
Well developed logistic principles, convenient information systems and resources to work.
Competent management of the company.
There are additional bonuses that depend on the implementation of the plans division. Often there is a good increase in the basic salary.
The work does not require a scientific degree and high mental effort. Important qualities that will be useful to you is patience and endurance.

My advice to the heads of companies to invest more in the development of the employees, their training and benefits. So employees will be more loyal and committed company. Investments in the development of the company and its employees is the key to future success.
Heavy duty during the summer season.

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Michelle #

2015-07-26 21:48:52

We have a great team and an experienced management team. Leaders do not scold subordinates, and to help to move forward and solve tasks.
The work is not boring, every day you are waiting for new goals and achievements. The company is rapidly growing and evolving, constantly changing internal business processes, simplify many routine cases.
All the work the company is focused on customer satisfaction and service level, which is, in my opinion, is very high in our country. Sam always use the services of the company and myself nice to come to his office as a client.
If you are ready to move to another state, it is possible career high.

Low wages for beginners. Only a year your salary will be the average for the market.
Floating working hours are not always convenient for the employee.

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