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Job Environment 3.3
Work/Life Balance 3.3
Management 3.3
Сareer Advancement 4.3
Benefits Package 3.3
Salary 3.7

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437 N Rodeo Dr
Phone: 3108609600
Category Apparel and Accessory Stores
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3 Employee Reviews

Paige #

2015-05-21 07:39:55

A friendly working environment.
Good team.
Even if you are for many years engaged in a post and perform the same job, your salary increases. Not every company can boast.
A good place to gain experience in sales, because you have to work with picky customers. If you can sell here, you will be able to sell anything.
This is the only job for which I worked, but I can say that the company is stable, the work is interesting, a good wage.

Managers are very lazy, do not watch their employees and do not perform their duties.
It is very difficult to move up the career ladder, even if you are diligent and talented worker.

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Bryan #

2015-07-16 23:41:42

Excellent opportunities for the development of social skills and communication with clients.
You will learn to work with a high level of service for the end user, it is given priority to the management.
Close-knit friendly staff. Permanent and mutual help employees with each other.
If you worked for more than 5 years, you will be well paid.

I was hard to get used to frequent recycling and work in the night shift when tired and want to sleep.
Many routine, as in any work.

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Ian #

2015-07-29 00:09:46

Not a difficult job, for which pay good money. To get off to a decent salary, it is necessary to work for several years.
A good all-round support of colleagues, pleasant staff.
Good potential for your company''s career, often opening new positions, which mostly take their employees.

Managers require huge performance of sales plans, without giving any motivation. It would be an additional encouragement for the high sales plans, given that the naif team always deal with them.
Working days are very long.
For the initial job is not a high level of payment.

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