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Job Environment 3.7
Work/Life Balance 3.7
Management 4.0
Сareer Advancement 3.7
Benefits Package 3.7
Salary 3.7

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800 E Dimond Blvd # 241
Phone: 9073495919
Category Eating and Drinking Establishments
Founded 0
Employees 2

3 Employee Reviews

Blake #

2015-04-17 08:32:27

I worked as a cook in a restaurant, I can tell you my impressions about the work in the kitchen.
Our network of restaurants very responsible attitude to food and ingredients, of which we are preparing. Do not be ashamed to offer visitors to our food, because you know that all of them prepared with fresh ingredients.
For all employees free lunches.
You can always take extra shifts if you want to earn extra money.
Pleasant staff, good attitude from management. Good working conditions, in the kitchen in the room is always clean and nice.
He often walk into our restaurants to quick snack, would recommend! This is better than fast food to which you are accustomed.

Hard work in the kitchen, especially during peak hours, when many visitors.
Your career is likely to stop at the position of manager of the restaurant, the salary is not much higher than the normal employee, with much more responsibility and work.

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Eric #

2015-07-14 06:43:43

Good competitive salary industry average.
If you plan to work for a long time, you can easily become the manager of the restaurant.
A good internship program for new staff, free training.

I was at work was often bored cafe attracts few visitors, the staff is not friendly.
Too frequent checks of working premises at the service level management, which distract from the basic work.

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Lucas #

2015-07-26 21:51:02

Convenient schedule, it''s easy to agree with the manager about the weekend.
If you do not like the position, you can change it and move on to another position.
Payment of wages each week.
A lot of communication, cheerful staff.
Routine work is the same every day, but I like it :)

A lot of unnecessary layers of management, many chiefs, not enough workers.
Even very busy and hard working day can bring you a few tips, here they are not customary to leave.
There is no learning and growth.

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