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Job Environment 4.3
Work/Life Balance 4.0
Management 3.7
Сareer Advancement 3.3
Benefits Package 3.3
Salary 3.3

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1660 Montgomery Hwy
Phone: 2058235221
Category Furnishing, Equipment and Home Furniture Stores
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3 Employee Reviews

Haley #

2015-04-23 04:13:13

Very good friendly atmosphere within the team, time passes quickly and interesting. New employees are quickly drawn into the work team always helps beginners.
If you do your job well and show initiative, your career will grow. Energetic and motivated people put on a good position.
There is an internal corporate training values and principles of the company. The level of service for the end customer''s high, the behavior of employees with customers constantly watched.

In my opinion, too many layers of management, the number of managers will soon be the same as the number of employees. High staff turnover due to the fact that each employee want to run 3 manager, giving him their problems.
Wage level is more like a scholarship student, I would like to raise the level of wages for people who work full time and they work in the store is the main source of income.

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Jennifer #

2015-06-23 10:54:06

Enjoying my retirement and having a part-time job in one of the stores. I am a big fan of different home design and really happy to be here. Atmosphere is great, management personal is respectful and nice

Schedule is not my favorite, but I still do not mind to do what I do

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Owen #

2015-07-19 23:05:35

I was lucky to work in HomeGoods, when the company is actively growing, attracting new employees, open new stores. These were happy times, we worked until night, terribly tired. But the good work done gave us strength and confidence in the future.
A lot of positive things I can remember from my work.
The company really cares about its employees. For employees, has a gym, health insurance, you can always agree to go on holiday, when you need it.
Good salary level. Confidence in the future development of the company and your career growth.
I had to leave the company to move to another state.

A lot of regular internal audits, distractions from work.

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