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Job Environment 4.0
Work/Life Balance 3.0
Management 4.0
Сareer Advancement 4.0
Benefits Package 4.0
Salary 4.0

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920 Main St
Phone: 2087434621
Category Depository Institutions
Founded 0
Employees 4

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Erin #

2015-04-17 08:34:27

I got a job in a bank and was an intern career path to the head of department. I can say that the bank gives good opportunities for motivated people who do not want my whole life to sit in one place. If you show yourself, feel free to take on new tasks for themselves, the bank''s management is good rewards such employees.
High volumes of work, your time will pass very quickly.
A clear work schedule, you can plan to spend an evening with the family, is also no problem to go on vacation whenever you want.
As a result, a stable job with an average salary, bonus points, friendly young team.

Very high plans for achieving the objectives of which are not connected with reality. Very difficult to complete the plan to exceed impossible.
A lot of long and pointless meetings. Many extra performance reporting for management, which take a huge amount of work and personal time.
Permanent reduction in the budget for salaries and bonuses of employees, despite the fact that the number of job tasks is growing. Also reduced the plan for training and staff development.

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