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Job Environment 4.3
Work/Life Balance 4.0
Management 4.7
Сareer Advancement 3.7
Benefits Package 4.0
Salary 3.0

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Category Eating and Drinking Establishments
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3 Employee Reviews

Mason #

2015-05-27 07:19:33

The friendly young team.
Free lunch and coffee.
High corporate culture and the highest quality service. Very nice to come to a fast-food.
At peak hours lot of work, from which the evening valishsya feet.
Career growth will be limited by the restaurant manager. I have not seen cases of people to get the post above.
Good corporate traditions to meet the staff and spend time together.

No motivation overfulfill their work.
Low wage.

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Angelina #

2015-07-14 06:42:05

Work in the cafe - a great opportunity to practice communication skills. With this kind of work you''ll be an excellent conversationalist and professional negotiator.
For your professional career will monitor the employer, with experience, you will always be in the position to increase. Rapid growth to the restaurant manager.
Good leaders who listen to employees.

Inconvenient work schedule, often have to work on Saturday and Sunday, when the family rests.
Low surcharge for work on weekends and evenings.

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Adrian #

2015-07-27 23:01:55

Not much hard work with a flexible schedule. The ideal place to combine work with study and receive additional money.
Free meals for employees.
Career growth with experience, regardless of your ability. This corporate program to improve the position for 2 years you become the manager of the restaurant, if that much time worked.
Precise control over your work schedule, you work as much as necessary.

Many employees are fools, that I do not understand how they have to work.
The team has been the weak point of my fast-food restaurant. This has always been good managers with whom it was possible to agree to leave work at the right time.
Salary increases slightly with the increase in office.

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