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 3.4 of 5 — 3 reviews

Job Environment 4.0
Work/Life Balance 2.7
Management 3.0
Сareer Advancement 3.3
Benefits Package 3.3
Salary 3.7

About Arm & Hammer

813 SW Raintree Ste 15
Phone: 4792710919
Category Allied and Chemical Products
Founded 0
Employees 1 000 +

3 Employee Reviews

Christian #

2015-03-14 12:24:17

Your salary and bonuses up to you how many finished projects you give to the customer. Often, in order to obtain high bonuses to employees are working the night, it's good if you have a goal to earn money and the company is giving you a chance.

It annoys me that our manager is constantly giving us new challenges, when we did not have time to finish before the end of the old project and the customer actually have to give the crude product. The feeling of inner satisfaction is often not due to the fact that you can not completely to finish the task and have to take up a new one.

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Madeline #

2015-07-15 23:31:14

Flexible work schedule, you can combine work with family or school.
A strong team spirit in the team.
For employees there is a small discount for the purchase of goods in the store.
A good place to start a career, for a serious career need to look for a larger company.

Too much politics in the management. Each manager seeks to build his career, forgetting about his team and staff.
Even with years of experience, you will be difficult to take a position of leadership. Our boss has been very harmful person and appoint the heads of departments such as he gits.

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Sean #

2015-07-19 23:08:22

I immediately got a good position in the Arm & Hammer head of a small sales team.
One of the advantages I can name a good professional team, competent senior management, the ability to develop and grow the corporate ladder for any employee.
There are many different additional projects, in which you can show itself at its best. Superiors notices.
Comfortable spacious office.
I loved the job, thanks to the company, despite all the disadvantages that were.

To cope with the plans we had all weekend to work in the department. This is not encouraged.
It is difficult to constantly maintain a positive working attitude when you have not made a lot of cases.

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