The 5 Happiest Jobs in America

2015-03-17 19:17:23, Author: MyJobRating

The 5 Happiest Jobs in America

As the old saying goes, money isn't everything. This is at odds with the demands of the modern workforce, as the primary motivating factor among job seekers is often earning power. When you look up the happiest jobs online, you'll often find jobs in the financial sector such as loan officers, quality assurance analysts or even insurance underwriters and executive assistants. Obviously, some place financial security high on their list of personal priorities. But there are those who not only wish to make plenty of money, but also want to maintain a healthy work/life balance. This means they want to enjoy their jobs and have enough flexibility to manage familial and personal responsibilities. Often, jobs that are in high demand with not enough personnel available to hire are going be able to offer more opportunities to negotiate better terms. However, it's the jobs that have good pay and flexible scheduling that are surprisingly satisfying. The following jobs are not always the best paying, but they are often reported as the happiest in terms of work/life balance.

5) Social Media Manager

Social Media ManagerThis is a person who manages a company's social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter and utilize social media technology to help boost a company's public profile. A person who uses their affinity for social interaction to their advantage and knows how to reach new people online can be very useful to any growing business. This is often a fun job and one than offers new hires coveted flexibility since it can be done well outside the traditional office environment.

4) Lifeguard

LifeguardSurprisingly, this is a career that offers unusual flexibility. You're always outside and often have the ability to trade shifts and attend professional development training that is both meaningful and interesting (EMT, paramedic training). There are often other kinds of perks, such as access to an employer's gym or beach facilities, a lot of downtime and friendly upper management. Many lifeguards report enjoying their work environment, whether it be a pool facility or watching over a public beach. And the nice suntan is an added bonus.

3) Tour Guide

Tour GuideTour guides can actually make good money depending on the situation. Guides get plenty of experience in customer service, learn new information and history when attending workshops related to their field (Art history for museum majors, Forestry for park guides, even theme parks) and often have mangers who care about them and it offers the opportunity to meet many new people. Being a host everyday helps build and strengthen social skills and the hours are often easily manageable.

2) SEO Specialist

SEO SpecialistSearch Engine Optimization is the newest hot career trend, as business are aching to find ways to attract more website visitors and looking for ways to increase their online profile. SEO specialists often work in the more progressive and people-friendly tech industry and enjoy more non-traditional perks at the office, such as after-work meet-ups and video-game breaks. Working to organize a company's online interfaces to attract higher Google rankings is a vibrant and exciting new field - one that many companies are willing to pay better salaries for. This coupled with the ability to negotiate more family/personal time make this one of the more attractive professions of the new millennium.

1) Data scientist

Data scientistThese are specialists who analyze company data and interpret trends and suggest strategies to help the business grow and succeed while addressing challenges. Since there is a high demand for professionals with both computer science backgrounds and business educations and the ability to communicate with both executives and IT professionals alike, companies are willing to offer competitive pay and better work schedule flexibility to attract talent. There are simply not enough data scientists in supply in the workforce, so anyone with this type of training and experience will have the negotiating power to create the ideal work/life balance that both pays well and satisfies the need for personal time.

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