The Best Companies in the Country to Work For

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The Best Companies in the Country to Work For

Everyone wants the perfect job working for a great company, but ask ten people what attributes that outstanding employer offers and you'll probably get ten very different answers. Some people want challenging, innovative work, while others need job stability and the security of an excellent benefits package. Still others want a friendly, informal work environment where they feel like part of a team, or a corporate culture that's not stiff and formal.

While these variations make it difficult to come up with a perfect list of the best companies to work for, it is possible to identify some of the most desirable. With that in mind, below you will find the companies that turn up most frequently on the annual list of best employers.

Facebook. When it comes to camaraderie and great perks, it's hard to beat Facebook, which has been rated the number one company for several years running when the annual lists are compiled. The environment is fun, challenging and fast-paced; the benefits include free food and transportation, a cash stipend for new parents along with daycare reimbursement, plus dry cleaning and photo processing. On the downside, the company's meteoric growth has created a lot of project turnover, with employees occasionally getting confused about who's doing what and when they're supposed to be doing it.

Google. Google is known for driving employees to work extremely hard, but the effort usually pays off big. Google employees get to work with and for the best of the best, and the company has a reputation for great communication with plenty of easily available knowledge. The perks are outstanding, too, including several new wellness centers and an extensive sports complex that features basketball and bocce courts, horseshoe pits and a roller hockey rink. Middle management has a reputation for being slightly stagnant, though, and as a result a lot of the best performers move on once they've jump-started their careers here.

Amazon. A few years ago Amazon had a reputation as a dreary mail order company, but the Seattle-based firm is now considered one of the sexiest companies in the country. Amazon moved from a downtrodden building into a modern campus with all the conveniences, including bike storage, a dog-friendly environment, and an internal program that features appearances and performances by musicians and authors. The company's marketing and technology combination is powering a lot of startups, and Amazon has also created a thriving mobile communication business that's poised to grow. Finally, with the addition of Amazon Prime and its video downloading capability, they're becoming a thriving media company as well.

Apple. Apple has long had a reputation as a company with a demanding yet freewheeling company that allows workers to develop an individual style while still meeting the needs of their employer. The camaraderie at Apple is strong, and the project teams are lauded throughout the tech industry for their outstanding efforts. Human Resources has a reputation for being difficult, though, and the biggest complaint among Apple employees is that getting time off is tough and they don't really have much of a life outside of their jobs.

Southwest. It's tough to get a foot in the door here, but the sense of fun that permeates this airline's ads is genuine. Southwest is known for being very inclusive and they make their employees feel valued, even at the low end of the employee pyramid where they have to do some not so fun jobs. And of course it's hard to beat the lure of free travel, which is perhaps the ultimate employee perk.

Bain. This consulting company has a widespread reputation for excellence, which draws ambitious, bright people who want to learn from the best while working on complex business problems and expanding their skills. Despite the demands, though, Bain is still considered a fun place to work, largely because of the challenges and a friendly employee base. What comes with the excellence, though, is a very fast-paced lifestyle, and employees need to be flexible with commitments outside the job to be able to pull their weight on projects while putting in the long hours.

National Instruments. Among tech companies, National has a very high reputation among those who want to learn everything about designing a product from beginning to end. The sense of teamwork is excellent, and, despite all the hard work and long hours, the culture is still fairly laid back. As a small company with high profit margins, National also offers plenty of stability. The one drawback is that National’s technology is mostly proprietary, so the skills employees acquire sometimes don’t translate to other jobs, and the company knows that and pays slightly below industry standards.

REI. The lures of working for an outdoor store are fairly obvious, especially when it's for a chain that offers extremely generous employee discounts. Good benefits accrue after a work period of 1500 hours, with an ongoing average of 20 hours a week, which isn't a bad deal for retail. The staff is fun to work with and features plenty of knowledgeable experts, but the pay is low, so workers sometimes have to take a second job to make a viable income.

Trader Joe's. If you're going to work in retail, Trader Joe's is considered one of the best places to do it. The company offers a positive environment, with great benefits for part-time workers, including health insurance for those who put in over 20 hours a week. The managers are supportive and have plenty of expertise, but the schedules are physically demanding, with a lot of odd shifts, weird hours and weekend work. Finally, relocation is mandatory for those who want to get on the management track.

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2015-03-02 10:10:43

I think at every stage of life are important in the work of different components. When you come to work intern, you want to gain new knowledge, you are interested in any work, because everything is new to you. You participate in all innovative projects, willing to work nights on the flight to get his first promotion.

Becoming older you want to receive from work and still fun, you value free breakfasts and lunches, the gym and other additional chips.

When you have a family, you essential your income that you get to work, because you have to take care of a family favorite.

So there is no significant bonuses are best when they are many. Get to work in a team of companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple is the dream of every person.

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