Future of Technology Careers

2015-06-08 20:14:02, Author: MyJobRating

Future of Technology Careers

With technology changing so rapidly, have you ever stopped to think how our world may evolve as a result of these developing technologies and how they will have an impact on a technological career? While some may not bother to think about these kind of things, today we would like to have a short conversation about the future of technological careers and explore what will happen when the Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be as popular as any other technologies that are widely used today. To explore this topic further, we have invited Jan-Erik Sandberg, an active participant in the Microsoft Developer Community, both locally and internationally, and an MVP for 5 years, to provide his input in these areas.

MyJobRating: Do you expect any technological revolutions in the near future (5-10 years) in the world of today's technologies? Maybe artificial intelligence?

Jan-Erik: There are a few things that spring to mind but I feel very confident that virtual reality will be part of our daily life quite soon, consumer devices are shipping in the next year and the programming interfaces has been stable long enough for programmers to be productive. I don’t like to think of AI as a separate technology that will suddenly be released. I rather think that it will be a paradigm shift in how we design our applications and tools.

MyJobRating: When do you think we should expect the Internet of Things to become popular and widely used?

Jan-Erik: It’s one of those things that will have a hockey stick implementation, with a long period where it seems like it’s going very slow, until the level of implementation reaches a certain level. I think we are in the beginning of the hockey stick and that we will have to wait at least five years until IOT is a major part of daily life. But from then, there will be no going back.

MyJobRating: How do you think these things and any other possible changes will effect technology careers?

Jan-Erik: Any major shift in technology always creates ripples in career-paths. But more importantly I think that this is part of being a developer and working in the technology area. We have always had to adapt to changes and you must always be ready to learn and utilize the technology that arises. That’s what is so exciting about working in this area!

MyJobRating: What are your recommendations on how to stay up-to-date in nowadays world when everything is changing so quickly?

Jan-Erik: I think it is important to follow trends and innovations often and try to educate yourself a little bit at a time, rather than to wait until you are forced to transition. This does not mean that you should always use the newest technology, but you should try to at least have a basic understanding of the major new innovations. If you try to always implement on the bleeding edge; you will often find yourself to be less productive than with more mature technology.

MyJobRating: What should be the short and long term strategy for people to stay competitive in their technological careers?

Jan-Erik: Learn something new every day; a little it is better than nothing. It really adds up over time, and it will be hard for those who don’t. ABL = “Always Be Learning” is the best long term strategy I’ve come a cross.

MyJobRating: Which technologies and technical fields do you see as the winners/losers of the future?

Jan-Erik: Applications that cannot support or make the shift towards cloud computing in some way will probably not be able to survive the next 10 years. The technology that not only mimics existing processes and way of working, but those who are able to change them will be the winners of the future.

MyJobRating: What college majors should kids choose these days to help them find a job in the technical field?

Jan-Erik: There will always be a need for engineers, software developers and quality assurers and this need will only increase with the implementation of more and more technology in your daily life.

MyJobRating: Could you please summarize your own professional life experience and how your expectations were changing through the years?

Jan-Erik: I started programming about the time I learnt to read, so technology has always been a key element in my life. During my professional life, I’ve always also had a profound interest in how humans work and are motivated. Because of this, it’s been a natural thing for me to be deeply involved in the agile movement as well as the coding community. This has helped me to gradually transition from being a coder, to team management and recently becoming a Head of Operations/COO in a leading software company. During the way I’ve realized that understanding what people want to achieve and try to use technology to enable them to do so is much more important than trying to have the most optimized algorithms and the coolest technology. It doesn’t help how fast you are running, if you are running in the wrong direction.

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Love reading articles like that where people share views about the future of the professional world and how it can effect and totally change what we do... Can not wait for the IoT to arrive and spread around the country

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