5 Most Stressful Jobs in USA

2015-03-11 16:47:02, Author: MyJobRating

5 Most Stressful Jobs in USA

How do you handle the stress of balancing your personal life and your work life on the job? Probably not as well as you would like. After all, the conflicting aspects involved in the eternal struggle to pursue the American Dream while simultaneously finding the time to enjoy all the fruits of the labor required to achieve that dream is for many people the single greatest underlying cause of anxiety and unhappiness. Well buck up. You think you've got a stress trying balance life and work? Then take a moment to consider how tough it must be for this list compiled by CareerCast.com of the most stressful jobs in America where the lines separating work and life are constantly blurring.

5) Police Officer

Police OfficerNot only do police officers rarely get the chance to completely step out of their job and just enjoy life away from the office, but the stress level certainly rose for this career in 2014. The stress does not really seem to be related to the inherent peril of law enforcement since, you might be surprised to learn, police work regularly ranks well behind commercial fishing, logging, roofing and even trash collection on lists of the most dangerous jobs. In addition the added anxiety of becoming a target for media scrutiny and public outrage in 2014, the real stress in being a cop likely lies in the struggle to put all those aspects of the dark side of humanity out of your mind simply because come back home technically off-duty.

4) Airline Pilot

Airline PilotInterestingly enough, 2014 was also a year of unusually high stress for the career of pilot. Aside from an uptick in high profile crashes leaving ample evidence of the stress-inducing reality of the risk pilots face every time they climb into the cockpit, there was also downright chilling specter of an entire jet taking off from Malaysia and then just...vanishing off the face of the earth. (Until some evidence eventually turns up, anyway.) Even so, that fear doesn't appear to be the driving force behind airline pilot routinely making the top five list of the most stressful jobs. Rather, the real phantom menace behind undue strain place upon pilots is the recognition that all the collective fear of flying seated behind the cockpit is only kept at bay as a result of the trust placed in the people behind the controls.

3) Military General

Military GeneralAnother job that routinely shows up on the annual CareerCast list of most stressful jobs. Of course, some might argue that military general really isn't a fair competitor to some perhaps more surprising careers that have occasionally made the list in the past such as reporter, event coordinator and public relations executive. After all, military general really isn't a job in the same way other positions on the list is, nor does the "job" of general really seem to be quite as stressful as the related job that sits in the position just above it. But, well, keep reading to the end and you make the call on whether military general really belongs in the number three slot or, indeed, on the top ten.

2) Enlisted Military Personnel

Enlisted Military PersonnelOkay, seriously now, where do you stand on the issue of whether the grunt on the ground in a military campaign faces more stress than the general making decisions miles (perhaps thousands of them) away from the front line. The modern day job of general isn't what it was during the days of Grant and Lee or even Patton and Eisenhower. Your perspective probably depends on which you think is more stress-inducing: waking up every day knowing you or one of your buddies might not see tomorrow or waking up every day knowing your decisions may mean dozens, hundreds or potentially even thousands of people won't wake up tomorrow.

1) Firefighter

FirefighterWhat could possibly be more stressful than a job that puts your life on the line without warning while also putting the responsibility for saving the lives and the property of others into your hands. All while you are expected to ignore one of the few instructions in life that almost every other person in the world follows without question or argument: don't run into a burning building. Keep in mind that not all enlisted military personnel are on active duty, most police work is mundane routine and that airline pilots enjoy an average salary more than twice that of firefighters and it become increasingly clear why firefighting is the most stressful job in America.

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I am an engineer operating cellular base stations and, in my opinion, my work is more dangerous in a much more stressful than those specified in the article. Every day we are to replace the equipment complex telecommunications equipment operate at an altitude of 500 meters above ground level at the communications tower. Work at a height requires a high resistance to stress, often rise to such objects have to without insurance while lifting with a large number of spare parts and tools. The network has a large number of crazy videos showing the work of engineers in the towers, I recommend a look. In general, any work at height, whether builder or window cleaner skyscrapers, an extremely dangerous and difficult.

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