5 Legit and Resourceful Job Search Websites

2015-05-21 20:14:18, Author: MyJobRating

5 Legit and Resourceful Job Search Websites

Hunting for a job is significantly easier and quicker nowadays, thanks to the numerous job search websites that encourage employers to list job openings online. However, different websites offer different experiences and opportunities owing to factors such as popularity, technology, and design.

As such, it is always important to start your job search at the best search websites – here is a brief review of the five best job websites.

1. Monster


Monster is undoubtedly the biggest job search website on the internet with over 17 million users. It comes with a host of features that make job searching easier and quicker for job seekers while also giving employers an opportunity to spot good potential employees without much trouble.

To start with, it comes with search and filtering tools that help narrow down searches based on factors such as location, industry, experience, level of educations, and specific keywords among others – this saves the job seeker time and effort that would be spent going through thousands of job listings.

Additionally, job seekers can post their resume with the platform for increased visibility. These resumes are then shared with employers looking to hand-pick a candidate, further increasing your chances of landing a job. What’s more, users who are inexperienced in writing resumes can get some guidance or have the task done for them by experienced professionals, but for a small fee.

The platform is also ideal for job seekers looking for more insight into their careers – it offers a database of informational articles as well as a forum where job seekers and employers can come together to share their knowledge and skills. Users looking for personalized help can also reach the technical support team via email, telephone, the forums, and through live chat.

For people who are already employed and have doubts about the salary they are getting, the platform offers a salary wizard tool that considers several factors to determine salary trends in your niche – it considers aspects such as your location, your company and its industry, the level of education and experience you have attained, and past performance. Interested users can get a free sample report, but the comprehensive salary report comes at a small price.

2. CareerBuilder


CareerBuilder goes beyond offering the convenience of job hunting – it allows job seekers to post their resumes and opens a wealth of career guidance advice and resources. What’s more, it has come up with a sophisticated job search engine that matches the keywords in a job seeker’s resume to available jobs in the jobs listings, saving you the trouble of typing in numerous keywords in your search endeavors.

Job seekers looking to improve their skills and knowledge in their careers can also take advantage of the customized career tests or go through the numerous career resources.

For job seekers looking for further help, the website’s customer support team is easily reachable through email, forums, or via telephone.

3. Simply Hired


Simply Hired has been making huge strides in online job listings and hunting, thanks to its wide networking and focus on the job seeker. It currently lists over 5000 job openings sourced from newspapers, job bulletin boards, and over 200,000 companies.

The platform is neat and easy to navigate. It offers search and filtering capabilities with factor in numerous aspects, including revenue range, experience required, education level, the company’s ranking, and the nature of the job. What’s more, it features a tool labeled, “Apply Now” that takes you directly to the company’s job application page in case you find a good opening.

Job seekers can also share their resumes on this site, which then shares these resumes with other job search websites such as CareerBuilder, Beyond, and Monster among others.

To add to the convenience, job seekers can get email alerts about new job openings matching their criteria to ensure they never miss an opportunity.

One of the newest and most convenient features of the platform, however, is its partnership with LinkedIn – users can connect with professionals using LinkedIn right from the platform, depending on the relevance to the keywords you type in the search box. This consequently makes one-on-one connecting for job seekers and employers or employed professionals possible and easy.

4. LinkUp


Unlike most other job search websites, LinkUp gets all its job listings directly from company websites, offering what some would call hidden job opportunities – jobs that are not overly-advertised. It currently has about 21,000 where it gets its listings from, but this database is continuously growing.

What’s more, LinkUp ensures all the job openings on the platform are always updated, taking the liberty of adding new openings and removing the ones that have already been filled. Additionally, it eliminates the inconvenience offered by scam job listings, as all the openings are directly sourced from legit company websites and not from personal employers.

Like other job search websites, users can narrow down their search with the search and filter tools, which incorporate factors such as location, education, experience, and job categories, among others.

It also offers a mobile app that makes searching for job openings on the go easy, fast, and even enjoyable – all you need is a compatible smartphone.

5. Indeed


Indeed is also growing very fast in popularity and in the volume of job listings – it welcomes job listing from employers while also sourcing listings from other job search websites such as Monster and CareerBuilder – this implies thousands upon thousands on job openings for you to review.

Owing to the high volume of listings on the platform, the website offers a comprehensive search and filtering tool that allows you to categorize these openings based on factors such as job type, salary, location, and title – you can also type in specific keywords for a customized job search. It has also taken the liberty of designing a mobile site and app for users seeking jobs on the go.

Job seekers are also encouraged to post their resumes, which are then made visible to employers and recruiters using the platform.


If you are looking for that ideal job opening opportunity, rely on any of these websites to offer you a wide range of legit and fresh job opportunities – it only takes the click of a button.

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3 Comments for the article

Loren #

2015-05-25 03:00:42

In my opinion, the best place for job search is Indeed. It contains a variety of positions with systems where the most current updates on the search for work. Everything is done very simply and conveniently, I always found a job through this site.

Jimmy #

2015-05-26 14:48:17

I agree that Indeed is a really easy to use useful website, but whenever it has something to do with adding your resume for future recruiters the Monster is my personal first choice to go to. Anytime I felt like I need a job I would just post my updated resume to monster and within several days, sometimes even within first 24 hours I would get at least one email or a call related to future employment. But I also agree your chances to change the job also depend on the profession you are currently in. Cheers!

John #

2015-05-26 14:49:34

As Loren mentioned Indeed is the best place to go to!

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