Building the Right LinkedIn Profile

2015-04-02 16:48:00, Author: MyJobRating

Building the Right LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an extremely valuable tool for people that are trying to find new jobs in the hope of building a career. The quality of someone's LinkedIn profile can determine the success of his or her LinkedIn networking, even though the networking itself is of the utmost importance.

1) A LinkedIn profile needs to be kept updated.

Far too many people create their LinkedIn profiles and then let them sit, even though their employment situations have changed in the meantime. Many of the individuals in that situation are unnecessarily shortchanging themselves. Employers often discriminate against people who have been out of work for an extended period of time, especially if it's more than two years. People that are looking for work should avoid giving the impression that they've been out of work longer than they have been.

2) A pithy summary space is better.

Far too many people fail to make use of the summary space. The summary space of a LinkedIn profile isn't so very different from a cover letter to a potential job, except cover letters are typically shorter. People can write as many as five brief paragraphs detailing their interests, qualifications, and skills. Far too many people make their summary spaces too long, or they fail to make proper use of the opportunity.

3) It's important to avoid certain cliched words and phrases.

People that read a lot of LinkedIn profiles will often notice that certain words and phrases will come up again and again and again. 'Organized,' 'creative,' 'patient,' and 'driven' are some of the most popular, but seasoned LinkedIn users will probably be able to identify even more of them than that. LinkedIn profiles that use a more varied and original vocabulary are going to automatically stand out, which is going to help users get noticed.

4) A LinkedIn profile needs to be complete.

One of the simplest mistakes involved in the completion of a LinkedIn profile is the simple failure to fill in each section, regardless of whether a resume is included. Far too many people think that recruiters don't notice these things, which is simply not the case. The people that fill in all sections, even if they don't include much information, are automatically going to come off as more organized and prepared. Employers want the people that are going to be thorough, and it all starts with a LinkedIn profile in some cases.

5) The target job descriptions and headlines of LinkedIn profiles need to be catchy and compelling.

Recruiters are going to be taking in lots of LinkedIn profiles every single day, and that isn't even including the candidates that they may be considering in other sources. LinkedIn profiles that have captivating headlines are automatically going to become more memorable. Target job descriptions that are well-worded are going to stand out in the minds of recruiters. Maintaining a LinkedIn profile can be a daunting task for a lot of people, and they may be wondering how they should target their efforts in an attempt to secure a job. The target job descriptions and headlines deserve the most attention.

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John #

2015-04-13 17:20:19

LinkedIn is one of the most important thing in today world of professional world. I personally got two last jobs through this social network by being approached by recruiters. So ladies and gentlemen make sure your profile is alwayse up to date even if you are not looking to change your job because sometimes you can get the opportunity of the lifetime through LinkedIn and I hope you will take it ;-)

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