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 3.8 of 5 — 1 reviews

Job Environment 4.0
Work/Life Balance 3.0
Management 4.0
Сareer Advancement 2.0
Benefits Package 5.0
Salary 5.0

About YWCA

324 E 5th Ave
Phone: 9076449600
Category Social Services
Founded 0
Employees 13

1 Employee Reviews

David #

2015-03-06 12:14:17

Good work for young active people who are ready day and night on the flight to conduct in the workplace, solving complex problems. To rest and lunch was not enough time, no time to even spend your earned money, a lot of projects that you lead.

You definitely will begin health problems and vision in this working rhythm, try to spend time and currently.

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John # | reply to review David

2015-03-06 17:24:57


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