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Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.» Oscar Wild

MyJobRating.com is a website with a complete database of US employers, which contains reviews and ratings submitted by regular people, describing their work relationship with a particular employer.

In today’s economy, making the most out of your time looking for a job is extremely important. By having a guide that can help you learn more about potential employers, you can save time visiting those you know you would not be interested in. MyJobRating.com lists the pros and cons of companies by other employees to help the job seeker make the best choices.

We are pleased to present you with our new project that will help you with finding a new job and the successful continuation of your career. We kindly request all visitors to leave at least one review. All reviews are completely confidential and no information about you will ever be divulged, but the hope is that your feedback will help the rest of the visitors with their career progression.

We believe our website will help you learn more about your potential employer as well as give you the opportunity to talk about your valuable, or invaluable, work experience with your current or past employer.

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For Employers

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Leave your feedback about your employer and let others know what you think about your workplace.

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Use our base of knowledge about how to prepare for a job interview and how to get a job.

MyJobRating.com For Companies

For Companies

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Look what they think about your employees, so you can make it even better.

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Based on the rating of the company to improve certain conditions, which lack staff.

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Keep a PR company to review your organization profile of the company, allowing potential employees to choose your organization for their career.

Our mission

MyJobRating.com is an outstanding representative of freedom of speech and not subject to outside influence by third parties (harassment, intimidation, blackmail, etc.). It is created to collect objective opinions about companies located in the United States.

Our main goal is to create a website that is vast and influential when it comes to the data of companies within the United States that it contains, as well as the feedback that is received on those companies from each of you visiting this site. Our goal is to collect positive and negative reviews of the work that is occurring in organizations nationwide. This in turn serves only one purpose - to help you find a suitable company in terms of working conditions and career development!

Although the administrators of the website are not responsible for any reviews posted, we are always willing to consider both positive and negative feedback. However, any reviews that contain profanity, insults, slander, messages of a personal nature, as well as negative messages addressed to other reviewers are prohibited on this website. That being said, if you do not agree with something, then you always have the opportunity to refute the review by adding a comment to it.

Our rating

Rate companies can in 6 categories:

  • Job Environment
    A place where a person works, which includes the surroundings, principles, and qualities that encompass the entire company. To maintain a healthy and comfortable job environment, employers usually seek to hire employees with similar values and ideas of those already working there.
  • Work/Life Balance
    A concept that includes the proper prioritizing of a person’s career (work) and ambition with their leisure time, family, health, pleasure, and spiritual well-being (life). An overall understanding and acceptance that work is only one part of an employee’s life, as opposed to being the whole part.
  • Management
    The act of providing supervision and direction to others, as well as making decisions in a business. A manager makes certain that jobs are completed correctly and within a suitable time period. In addition, he or she provides insight, knowledge, encouragement, and feedback to employees.
  • Career Advancement
    Refers to the actions a person commits to promote his or her job growth or increase their role and responsibilities within the company. It allows an employee to move up in their company through a promotion, which requires hard work, dedication to the company, and an understanding of the company’s philosophy and work.
  • Benefits Package
    The term used to refer the benefits an employee can use while they are employed. Benefits that are commonly offered are health, vision, dental, life insurance, and retirement plans; paid time off; flexible work schedules and more. A good benefits package is essential to maintaining employee satisfaction, and it is separate from a person’s salary.
  • Salary
    This refers to a specific amount of money that a worker earns annually, typically paid on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, and the amount is determined when a person is hired. A salary is paid to a person to compensate them for the work they perform, regardless of whether or not the quality of the work produced is superior or poor.

Black list of employers

Many of us have heard the term “black list” of employers or have even been faced with abuse in the labor market; therefore, there is a tendency to write more negative than positive comments, resulting in a website that generates only blacklisted employers. However, the goal of this project is to constantly try to maintain objectivity in the reviews, encouraging users to always find something good in their work. While positivity is encouraged, if your rights have been infringed upon somehow, then you are welcome to leave a review on our website to warn colleagues about the pitfalls and intricacies of the company that violated labor laws or simply moral norms and principles of our society.

Every time we embark on a journey at a new company, we hope for “the best,” which can mean better earnings, a more comfortable environment, or attractive career prospects. However, as many of us know firsthand, these expectations do not always come true. Sometimes, rather than the bright future we hoped for, we find that we are faced with incompetence, rudeness, and just outright fraud or exploitation. How do you protect yourself from these unfortunate surprises? Well, we hope that by referring to MyJobRating.com before applying with a company, you can learn more about whether you should do so. Because of the information we offer to job seekers, many of them have saved time and made decisions that were most profitable to them.

The importance of liking the job you go to every day is essential for you to live a happier life. When you stop to think about how many hours you will spend at work, you can see why exploring all your options for potentially good employment is certainly worthwhile. Feel free to leave your comments about your work experience and knowledge. Be sure to read all the reviews about the companies or professionals you have an interest in. You never know what might turn out for your career by doing so!

Tell us about your company, your boss, your job, and of course read the reviews of employers that interest you!

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