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Medway Air Ambulance Inc

 1.7 | 1 reviews

2016-11-10 15:42:31

Working at Medway is different. It involves long distance patient transport by fixed wing aircraft. You only have one patient at a time and you are not running the halls all day.
Pay and benefits are a little sub-par for experienced nurses. but it is livable.

The company is run by commissioned salespeople. There is no honesty, integrity, or respect. Communication is horrible and the management style is negative and threatening. The unhealthy environment leads to a very high turnover rate. One good thing is that they are always hiring, so if you really need a job, Medway might be something to try.


Nuco Technology LLC

 1.5 | 1 reviews

2016-06-05 09:57:01

Diverse work environment

Poor communication, ad-hoc management structure, false job descriptions. Salary structure below mean averages.


Continental Pools Inc

 4 | 3 reviews

2016-02-08 11:31:04

I think it is a good company

I didn''t find.

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